Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hold On

             I hold my breath.The events in the world surround me. Worry me. I can't ignore them. So if you come to my blog for funny, I'm a little short on it today. Perhaps sarcasm. Hopefully a little faith.
             But funny- I can't do. Not today.

             Holding my Baby Blueberry. She is cuddly and snugly and is a busy little person. She is nearly a year now. Almost a birthday.
            It's such a milestone. It marks that transition between tiny infant to active kid. To talking and walking and already having her own opinions.

            She doesn't like cherry pie and she doesn't like mangoes. She loves puppies and horses. And just like most Moms I can tell you a hundred more things about her.

            I'm pretty sure Moms all over the world are pretty similar. We rock our babies at night and sing them lullabies. We coo at them. We teach them to write their names.
           And we try to keep them safe.

             I've sometimes pondered if the Moms of the world could get together, without the interference of governments, religion, media, big corporations, and societies- if we couldn't make a better world for our children.
              While our governments beat wildly on the war drums -

              While media talking heads - mere puppets- try to convince the people that bombs bring peace-
              While big corporations add chemicals to our food and tell us it good for our children-

              While religion tell me that I'm not getting into heaven without paying a proper amount of money-

                While society tries to tell me what to think and who to hate-

               I pray.

               I cling to what I know, in my heart, to be true. Faith. Grace. Hope.

              Not hijacked, political hope.

              Real HOPE. Fueled by LOVE.

              Perhaps I'm just having an inner hippie moment.

              Or perhaps I'm just a Mom who loves her children.

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