Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Remain Passionate and Change the World

    I'm a mutt. I'm the descendants of Germans and Prussians and the unknown. I have Southern blood running through my veins and the sweat of hard working farmers dripping from my brow.
    I am the daughter of artists and dreamers and adventurers.
   People braver than me.

   People that comprehend the comings and goings of this world far better than I do.

   I was raised poor. Renting poor. Working hard poor. But what my parents couldn't give me in money they gave in other things.
    Ideas, memories, dreams. Treasures of the heart.

    At times I was a pretty serious child. When I was in third grade I was in the newspaper for trying to teach people about the dangers dolphins faced from tuna nets.

   I was eight or nine. In between making posters about Boycotting Tuna and recycling and reading articles about elephant poachers in Africa...I would have sleep overs, and play Barbie and ride my bicycle.

  By middle school I was reading books upon books about how to save the world. I was still making posters and hanging them up in the school library. The local library.

   Protesting. Protesting. Protesting.

   Always demanding that systems could be ran better. That ideas could be bolder. That people could try harder.

   I was an idealistic teenager.

   Who turned into an idealistic adult and realized that this world is not made for the dreamer.
   The believer. The idealistic.

   Only the strong survive in this world. Or the greedy or the selfish. The takers. The dream breakers.

   BUT ALSO those strong in FAITH.

   In this last year I have learned many things.

   Friendship is a strong support system. That we were never meant to live without true friends or a sense of community. Of belonging.

   Change, real honest change,

                is possible with small- not ideas because those are easy- but  actions.

                 Big ideas can happen by faithfully putting small actions into place.

One has to remain passionate about dreams, ideas, and faith otherwise you go into this dark zone of drift where you allow despair and sadness to rule your life.

Faith and prayer are extremely important because we are spiritual beings.

LOVE holds this messy, chaotic life all together.

So this year I'm not making New Years Resolutions. Instead I'm going to focus on:

                   Big ideas can happen by faithfully putting small actions into place.


 Remain Passionate and Change the World

Happy New Year. I pray for all my readers near and far and wish you a healthy, safe, and hope-FILLED 2014.

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